Windows 10 Mobile has been released!

Yesterday , 17 March 2016 00:22 GMT+8 , approx. 09.22 am in the Redmond,WA, US, – Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Mobile Update to all selected older WP 8.1 devices.

The Phones and Devices that can upgrade to Windows 10 is :

  • Lumia 1520, 930, 640, 640XL, 730, 735, 830, 532, 535, 540, 635 1GB, 636 1GB, 638 1GB, 430, 435
  • BLU Win HD w510u, BLU Win HD LTE x150q,
  • MCJ Madosma Q501

How to Upgrade?

The Upgrade process is quite easy at first. You just need to Download an app called the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor : Read More

Recovering my Lumia from bricked / emergency state

2 days ago, My Lumia 625 started to hang and keep making problems, and I finally decided to reset it through the WPRT. So I proceed to WPRT and connecting my L625 to PC and install the software as usual.But suddenly , WPRT shows an error that “The Operation could not be finished” and my L625 turns black and can’t restart and even no sign of the phone alive ( Light Exposure, red screen , etc).

So i check again with WPRT and it could not detect my L625 , so i decided to go to “My Phone Was not detected” button and choose my Device Manufacturer, Lumia

Screenshot (683)

After that , once it detected my L625, it brings me to the Software Version checking…  Refer image below

Screenshot (684)b

Ok now i know that my Device is still alive and in UEFI mode or QHUSB_DLOAD (the name of the device at the moment) . Then i proceed by clicking Install Software.

It will take a moment to download the Emergency Packages from Microsoft Servers and soon it started to flash my L625 with the emergency package to recover / return to the Red Screen mode.

Screenshot (685)

At first , i have tried to install the emergency package for about 10 times but it always ended up with error message ” The operation failed” “Could not found device”

Screenshot (686)

That night, I try again and it succeed!. My Phone has been flashed with emergency package and return into normal UEFI mode ( The Red Screen with large NOKIA ) .

Then I proceed with software Installation, and again as expected, it failed again and ask me to reboot the device.So i try it and keep rebooting my device for around 3 times. You know what? Miracle happens…. I tried again while watching the Log Files in Temp Directory, and it started to install the software smoothly without the previous error.Screenshot (687)bScreenshot (691)

Ok Let me Summarised it :

  1. Disconnect your phone from your PC
  2. Click on My Phone was not detected button
  3. Reconnect your phone to your PC
  4. If you were prompted to choose your Phone Manufacturer choose either Lumia, if you are using Lumia Devices or HTC if you are using HTC One.
  5. Wait for your computer to detect your phone and follow the screen instructions. If the phone still not connected try reboot it by pressing the combination of Power Key + Volume Down Key 
  6. Once you have been brought to Software Versions checking ( refer Screenshot 2 ) Press on Install Software and it will begin downloading emergency packages and Software Packages and install it.
  7. You’re done

So far, in my case, i have not used any manual steps like install the Software via CMD Prompt using the suitable Hex for the phone etc…  I am grateful that my Lumia 625 back alive!

For more info on WPRT refer my last post or refer Microsoft Mobile Support Page

How to use Windows Phone Recovery Tool?

Its been a long time since i last update this site on December 4, 2014 . So today, I would like to guide on how to use Windows Phone Recovery Tool (WPRT) . Maybe you have been familiar with the Lumia Software Recovery Tool ( LSRT), for your information the WPRT is another synonym software or handy tools by Microsoft that is specially created for Windows Phone 8 users specifically for Lumia’s and HTC One users.

What happened to the old LSRT?

Don;t worry, the LSRT still can be used. It is used for Recovering Nokia’s Phone Software/Firmware.

You may refer here on how to use the LSRT.

Which tool should I use?

Use the Windows Phone Recovery Tool for the HTC One and all Lumia phones running Windows Phone 8 or newer. For all other Nokia branded phones use the Lumia Software Recovery Tool. To see which Windows Phone operating system (OS) version is currently installed on your phone, go toSettings > about.

Taken from

So Let’s get started!

So , First, let’s download the Windows Phone Recovery Tool from Microsoft Mobile Website.

Screenshot (716)


Next you have to install it first

After you have successfully installed it, connect your phone and launch it

You’ll get this screen

Screenshot (718)


Now , click on your phone as listed in it. As mine it was the Nokia Lumia 625

Then you’ll see this screenScreenshot (719)


In this phase the WPRT will check either your phone has the same version of Software with the server or not..If not it will download the latest software and install to your phone. In my case, I already have the latest Software which is Windows Phone 8.1 Update or Lumia Denim. So, for who did not have the latest software just proceed by clicking the Install Software button, while for those who already up to date and wanted to reinstall your phone software click on the Reinstall Software.

This will bring you to the next step which is Checking for the compatibility of Downloaded Files ( The OS/ Firmware images ) for those who already downloaded it.For those who doesn’t download it yet , you may have to wait for WPRT to download your phone OS / Firmware images to be downloaded before you can proceed to next step.

For the next step,

WPRT will start installing the Phone Software, and if you noticed it has rebooted your Lumia or HTC Smartphones into UEFI mode or known as Red Screen mode for Lumia users ( Red Screen with large NOKIA logo).

The installation process will begin….

Please make sure that your phone battery level is full and you USB cable is untouchable or undisturbed in order to prevent the software from being failed to install.

If the software is failed to install, your phone will be bricked or cannot be use and it will activate or put itself into emergency mode/ emergency state which is in black screen.You may need to run emergency flashing. I will explain on this later.

After the installation finished, your phone will be rebooted and you’ll have to set it up back according to your preferences.

That’s all.Thank you for reading!

For more info , go to Microsoft Mobile Support Page.

Next in the list : Emergency Flashing on my Lumia!!


How to use Lumia Software Recovery Tools on S40

Before this Nokia have released the Nokia Software Recovery Tools( Currently Lumia Software Recovery Tools ) to help Nokia Phones users to troubleshoot their phones by  re-install their phone OS in order to make their phone problem-free / factory resetted by using the OS image provided by them..

In the easy way to understand :

Lumia Software Recovery Tool can help you to reset and recover your phone software at home, if your phone is experiencing software related or software update problems. With Windows Phone 8  models, you can also use Lumia Software Recovery Tool  to recover your phone in case your phone is not responding, it appears to be stuck, or it is not starting. -Taken from Microsoft Mobile FAQ

Prerequisites for your computer (PC):

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or newer.
  • USB cable to connect your phone to the computer.
  • Minimum 4 GB free storage space.

Supported phones:

  • Lumia phones

  • Asha and Series 40 phones that have USB interface

  • Series 30+ phones that have USB interface

  • Nokia X2 platform phones

  • Symbian phones

Taken from Microsoft Mobile FAQ

Before this I have tried on my Lumia 625 , i’ll update about it later…

But first Let;s get started with our Nokia C3 running on S40…

Before you started to Flash your phone with LSRT , you’ll need to backup your phones before proceeding with it..because in the next step, LSRT will completely removed all items or format your phone.

Ok First of all :

Backup your phone ( in this tuts i’m using Nokia C3 ) using Nokia Suite, you can get it here : 

Screenshot (103)


2nd :

Next get the Lumia Software Recovery Tools here from Microsoft Mobile Support Site :  and install it.

After the installation finished, Run LSRT and wait for it to detect your phone.After it detected your phone, it will show like this (refer image below)

Click Install to proceed.

Screenshot (102)


3rd :

Next , you will get a message that you must acknowledge it before proceed to download the software..

This message is important and you may lost any important things you left on your phone if you are not creating any backup before.

Tick on the box and Continue

Screenshot (104)


4th :

LSRT will prepare and start to download the Nokia C3 Software Package from their server.This will take 1-5 min or 5-10 min.Leave it until the downloads done

Screenshot (105)

Screenshot (106)


5th :

After the download done, LSRT will start to install the downloaded software into your phone.At this stage , do not touch or do anything with your phone. Just follow the on screen message.

Screenshot (107) Screenshot (108)


Finally :

After the installation completed , LSRT will attempt to restart your phone in around 2 minutes.If your phone isn’t restarting and in my case it showing Test Mode , you are safely to remove the battery and restart your phone and you’re no longer need to connect it back since the installation has done..

Screenshot (109)

Android L 5.0 kini dikenali sebagai Android Lollipop

Mungkin setelah sekian lama nama apakah yang akan hadir bagi Android L (5.0) bermain-main di fikiran para penggemar Android. Namun pada hari Khamis yang lepas pihak Google telah mengumumkan bahawa nama rasmi bagi Android L ( 5.0 ) ialah Android Lollipop. Yay…


Android Lolipop menyertakan pelbagai pembaharuan, termasuk dari segi antaramuka yang memfokuskan antaramuka selari pada pelbagai saiz peranti dan web. Android 5.0 Lolipop juga hadir dengan beberapa fungsi tambahan lain, termasuk Battery Saving Mode untuk membolehkan masa penggunaan bateri dipanjangkan, sokongan guest mode, fungsi multi-akaun pengguna, paparan notifikasi pada lockscreen dan beberapa yang lain.

Android Lollipop akan hadir secara terbina pada Nexus 6 dan tablet Nexus 9 yang juga baru diumumkan oleh Google pada hari tersebut.




Repost : How to Install MariaDB in Ubuntu

MariaDB is a community-developed fork of the MySQL relational database management system, the impetus being the community maintenance of its free status under the GNU GPL.

MariaDB is another alternative that derive from mysql..In this case we would like to test and share the guide on how to install MariaDB

  1. First of all open terminal and type this

    sudo apt-get install python-software-properties

I recommend you to use MariaDB version 10.0.4 Alpha because when im installed it i’ve got no errors compare with 5.5 version.

Update : logon to for latest version

2: Put this commands in terminal

sudo apt-get install software-properties-common

sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver hkp:// 0xcbcb082a1bb943db

sudo add-apt-repository 'deb quantal main'

If you’re using other version please change the “quantal” to your ubuntu version codename

eg : 13.10 saucy
     13.04 raring
     12.10 quantal (im using this version)
     12.04 precise`

3: Type in this commands

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mariadb-server

4: after finished installed mariadb you need to run this

sudo mysql_install_db
sudo /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation

If have problem consider look at the end of this post for solution

5: You’re done!!

Problems solving

In step 3 if you get problem, like unmet dependencies, Go to /etc/apt/preferences.d then create new file called “mariadb” Then,Consider to put the below code in the mariadb file that you just created

Package: *
Pin: origin <mirror-domain>
Pin-Priority: 1000

In step 4 you may get 2 errors

  1. first occur when you run sudo mysql_install_db Solution : open another terminal and do this killall mysqld

    2.second eror may occur when you running sudo /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installationcommand

Solution :

try doing this

cd /etc/init.d and try run ./mysqld start
if ./mysqld doesnt exists use ./mysql start as in my case

That’s All Thank you for reading.

I wrote this based on my experience installing this.Any errors you get community here can help you if i cant..tq


Mengintegrasikan aplikasi pihak ketiga ke dalam Frog VLE

Selamat Kembali ke WP.Myhyazid….Hari ini kita akan ke sektor pendidikan pula iaitu beberapa ulasan dan langkah-langkah untuk mengintegrasikan aplikasi-aplikasi pihak ketiga ke dalam Frog VLE.

Sebelum itu…..

Apakah itu Frog VLE?

Frog VLE merupakan Persekitaran Pembelajaran Maya atau “Virtual Learning Environment”. Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia menerusi projek 1BestariNet telah memperkenalkan inisiatif pembelajaran dalam persekitaran maya atau VLE. DI dalam Projek ini, pelbagai perkara telah dibawa masuk ke arena atau medan pendidikan kita.Antaranya ialah Chromebook untuk Makmal Komputer setiap sekolah di Malaysia, Jaringan hubungan internet berkelajuan 4G daripada YES dan sebagainya.Untuk Maklumat lanjut mengenai Frog VLE layari FrogTrade Official Site atau


Aplikasi Pertama

Gliffy – Aplikasi untuk anda mereka atau membuat graf secara online

Aplikasi ini adalah percuma untuk digunakan dan mudah untuk dimuatkan ke dalam frog VLE. Apa yang anda perlu lakukan ialah cuma :

  1. Reka akaun Gliffy anda di Gliffy
  2. Mulakan dengan pembinaan graf anda
  3. kemudian tekan share dan salin/copy link untuk pictures

Screenshot (279)


  1. Buka Frog VLE (hanya untuk pelajar atau guru, di dalam kes ini lebih ditekankan kepada guru)pilih site di mana anda mahu gunakan kemudian tekan edit.

  2. Drag and Drop widget Media kemudian muat naik gambar graf yang sudah dimuat turun tadi.


Screenshot (278)Screenshot (284)

Windows 8.1 Update 1 diperkenalkan

Mungkin ramai yang sudah maklum dan suda mendapat kemaskini Update 1 ini.Tetapi tidak apa kami akan menerangkan apa yang ada di Update 1 ini.

Kemaskini Windows 8.1 Update 1 ini membawakan banyak perubahan yang memfokuskan kepada pengguna Papan Kekunci(KEyboard) dan Tetikus ( Mouse). Antara perubahannya ialah :

  • Butang Power dan Search di Start Screen

Screenshot (246)


  • Aplikasi Windows Store pada Desktop

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  • Integrasi WIndows Store pada Carian Bing.
  • Pin tetapan PC atau PC Settings pada Start Screen

Screenshot (253)

  • Pengunaan Tetikus (Mouse) bagi pengguna Papan kekunci dan Tetikus

Screenshot (254)\

  • Notifikasi New Application

Screenshot (255)

  • Windows Store baharu dan Butan minimize dan Exit pada setiap Aplikasi Windows Store(tiada gambar)
  • Screenshot (258) Screenshot (214)

Build 2014 :Microsoft memperkenalkan Windows Phone 8.1

Pada hari pertama Build 2014 ,  Joe Belfiore iaitu Naib Pengerusi dan Pengurus Korporat bagi Windows Phone telah memperkenalkan Windows Phone 8.1 dan fungsi-fungsi baharunya antaranya ialah Cortana dan Notification Center

Windows Phone 8.1

Dengan adanya acara BUILD 2014 ini maka semua persoalan dan khabar angin mengenai Windows Phone 8.1 telah terjawab.Antaranya ialah kehadiran fungsi-fungsi baharu seperti Action Center(ruang Notifikasi) , Cortana (pembantu Peribadi digital) , Fungsi Video Call (3G) melalui Skype , gambar latar belakang pada Start screen dan Wifi Sense dan tema untuk lock screen anda serta sokongan untuk korporat seperti VPN.Tidak lupa juga fungsi ruangan tiles pada Start Screen


Cortana ialah Pengurus Peribadi digital bagi Pengguna Windows Phone 8.1 .Secara ringkasnya , cortana adalah seperti/seumpama Google Now dan Siri .Namun demikian fungsi Cortana memang tidak boleh dibandingkan dengan fungsi Google Now dan Siri kerana Cortana mempunyai banyak fungsi-fungsi yang tidak terdapat pada 2 aplikasi yang disebutkan antara fungsi -fungsi cortana ialah :

  • Menyediakan Nota peringatan untuk membuat panggilan
  • Menempah Restoran atau hotel dan sebagainya (terhad kepada Amerika Syarikat buat masa ini)
  • Hubungi nombor yang dikehendaki
  • mencatatkan peringatan pada kalendar
  • tetapkan alarm
  • dan sebagainya
  • Mempunyai Buku Nota tersendiri untuk mengikuti minat pemilik peranti tersebut..(seperti pembantu peribadi di dunia / PA)

Tetapi buat masa ini fungsi-fungsi Cortana hanya terhad kepada penggunaan di dalam Amerika Syarikat sahaja dan mungkin akan dikembangkan ke seluruh dunia tidak lama lagi.

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Action Center

Action Center merupakan sebuah ruangan Notifikasi yang terbaru pada Windows Phone.Fungsi ini boleh didapati dengan cara menarik daripada atas skrin ke bawah seperti di iOS.Di samping itu, Action Center ini juga menyertakan paparan tetapan ringkas atau quick settings pada ruangan atas Action Cneter seperti di Android.Cuma perbezaannya disini adalah, rupa bentuknya adalah Metro. dan hanya memaparkan hanya beberapa tetapan sekadar yang kami tahu buat masa ini.

Screenshot (154) Screenshot (155)


Tema untuk “Lock Screen”

Menurut Joe Belfiore juga, mereka bekerjasama dengan pembangun aplikasi Windows Phone terkenal Rudy Huyn untuk mereka bentuk dan membina pelbagai variasi tema unuk para pengguna Windows Phone yang akan hadir pada Windows Store di Windows Phone 8.1 kelak….. antara tema yang telah ditunjukkan ialah Diagonal (gambar pertama ) dan Tokyo (gambar kedua)

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Ruangan “tiles” dan gambar latar belakang Start Screen

Antara fungsi baru juga ialah tetapan bagi ruangan tiles dan gambar latar belakang bagi start screen.Fungsi-fungsi ini agak menarik kerana kedua-dua fungsi ini membuatkan Telefon Pintar Windows Phone anda lebih Peribadi daripada telefon pintar lain.Selain itu, bagi gambar latar belakang start screen, penggunaan gambar yang sepadan juga memberikan hasil yang cantik dan bersih( clear) seperi di dalam gambar ini. Rujuk gambar berasingan di bawah galeri ini untuk mengetahui paparan tetapan fungsi menambah ruangan tiles.

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Screenshot (159) Fungsi menambah ruangan tiles

Sokongan Korporat ( VPN, E-mel korporat, polisi syarikat , dsbg)

Antara fungsi-fungsi yang akan hadir ialah fungsi VPN (virtual Private Network) , E-mel Korporat, Polisi Syarikat ( boleh digunakan untuk menyekat pemasangan aplikasi pada telefon syarikat) dan sebagainya

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WiFi Sense

dengan adanya wifi sense anda tidak perlu lagi memberitahu rakan anda mengenai kata laluan wifi anda dan juga jika anda tiada internet wifi sense akan mencari internet berkualiti yang percuma dan akan sambungkannya dengan peranti Windows Phone anda. Anda hanya perlu tetapkan beberapa tetapan di WiFi sense yang terdapat di dalam settings Wifi (Settings ==> Wifi ==> Wifi Sense) dan seterusnya anda boleh benarkan rakan anda sambung ke wifi di rumah anda tanpa perlu memberitahu kata laluannya kepada orang lain.

Screenshot (211)


Windows Store dan Calendar

Aplikasi Windows Store dan Calendar diberikan nafas baharu dengan beberapa perubahan kecil iaitu dengan adanya turutan aplikasi bagi memudahkan pengguna mendapatkan aplikasi yang diingini,manakala bagi Calendar ialah fungsi suhu cuaca di setiap penjuru atas kanan pada setiap hari,minggu dan bulan.Selain itu antara muka bagi pandangan Minggu juga diberikan nafas baharu seperti di dalam gambar pertama

Screenshot (210) Screenshot (209) Screenshot (207)Screenshot (207)

WordFLow Keyboard

Dengan adanya Wordflow Keyboard, iaitu papan kekunci yang dibina / built in di dalam semua peranti yang menjalankan Windows Phone 8.1 pengguna boleh menulis teks dengan cepat dan pantas seperti fungsi Swype pada Android.

Sedikit info menarik mengenai WordFlow Keyboard ini, Gaurav Sharma telah mencipta rekod terbaru bagi papan kekunci WordFlow dan menjadi pemegang rekod dunia terbaru bagi “fastest typing on smartphone” hanya dalam 18.44 saat.Rekod terbaru ini juga telah berjaya menumpaskan papan kekunci Swype yang memegang rekod selama 20:53 saat.

Screenshot (212)


Saksikan acara Build 2014 Keynote 1 (pengenalan WP 8.1 )

Aplikasi Facebook dan Instagram mendapat kemas kini baharu untuk pengguna Windows Phone

Pada 21 Mac 2014,Facebook telah mengeluarkan satu kemaskini kecil atau “minor” baharu  iaitu versi apa yang dikongsikan oleh WPCentral,tiada senarai perubahan atau “change log” dikeluarkan bagi kemaskini terbaharu ini,jadi mereka andaikan bahawa kemaskini ini adalah bagi memperbaiki beberapa pepijat yang terdapat di dalam aplikasi tersebut.

Manakala, di sebelah lain pula, Instagram juga turut mengeluarkan kemaskini terbaharu iaitu versi 0.4.2 , di mana tujuannya adalah untuk memperbaiki pepijat dan masalah “crash” serta beberapa penambahbaikan UI/interface/antara muka.

Muat turun kemaskini terbaharu kedua-dua aplikasi dia atas sekarang.Imbas kod QR di bawah menggunakan fungsi Vision pada Bahagian Bing Search.


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