Recovering my Lumia from bricked / emergency state

2 days ago, My Lumia 625 started to hang and keep making problems, and I finally decided to reset it through the WPRT. So I proceed to WPRT and connecting my L625 to PC and install the software as usual.But suddenly , WPRT shows an error that “The Operation could not be finished” and my L625 turns black and can’t restart and even no sign of the phone alive ( Light Exposure, red screen , etc).

So i check again with WPRT and it could not detect my L625 , so i decided to go to “My Phone Was not detected” button and choose my Device Manufacturer, Lumia

Screenshot (683)

After that , once it detected my L625, it brings me to the Software Version checking…  Refer image below

Screenshot (684)b

Ok now i know that my Device is still alive and in UEFI mode or QHUSB_DLOAD (the name of the device at the moment) . Then i proceed by clicking Install Software.

It will take a moment to download the Emergency Packages from Microsoft Servers and soon it started to flash my L625 with the emergency package to recover / return to the Red Screen mode.

Screenshot (685)

At first , i have tried to install the emergency package for about 10 times but it always ended up with error message ” The operation failed” “Could not found device”

Screenshot (686)

That night, I try again and it succeed!. My Phone has been flashed with emergency package and return into normal UEFI mode ( The Red Screen with large NOKIA ) .

Then I proceed with software Installation, and again as expected, it failed again and ask me to reboot the device.So i try it and keep rebooting my device for around 3 times. You know what? Miracle happens…. I tried again while watching the Log Files in Temp Directory, and it started to install the software smoothly without the previous error.Screenshot (687)bScreenshot (691)

Ok Let me Summarised it :

  1. Disconnect your phone from your PC
  2. Click on My Phone was not detected button
  3. Reconnect your phone to your PC
  4. If you were prompted to choose your Phone Manufacturer choose either Lumia, if you are using Lumia Devices or HTC if you are using HTC One.
  5. Wait for your computer to detect your phone and follow the screen instructions. If the phone still not connected try reboot it by pressing the combination of Power Key + Volume Down Key 
  6. Once you have been brought to Software Versions checking ( refer Screenshot 2 ) Press on Install Software and it will begin downloading emergency packages and Software Packages and install it.
  7. You’re done

So far, in my case, i have not used any manual steps like install the Software via CMD Prompt using the suitable Hex for the phone etc…  I am grateful that my Lumia 625 back alive!

For more info on WPRT refer my last post or refer Microsoft Mobile Support Page

How to use Windows Phone Recovery Tool?

Its been a long time since i last update this site on December 4, 2014 . So today, I would like to guide on how to use Windows Phone Recovery Tool (WPRT) . Maybe you have been familiar with the Lumia Software Recovery Tool ( LSRT), for your information the WPRT is another synonym software or handy tools by Microsoft that is specially created for Windows Phone 8 users specifically for Lumia’s and HTC One users.

What happened to the old LSRT?

Don;t worry, the LSRT still can be used. It is used for Recovering Nokia’s Phone Software/Firmware.

You may refer here on how to use the LSRT.

Which tool should I use?

Use the Windows Phone Recovery Tool for the HTC One and all Lumia phones running Windows Phone 8 or newer. For all other Nokia branded phones use the Lumia Software Recovery Tool. To see which Windows Phone operating system (OS) version is currently installed on your phone, go toSettings > about.

Taken from

So Let’s get started!

So , First, let’s download the Windows Phone Recovery Tool from Microsoft Mobile Website.

Screenshot (716)


Next you have to install it first

After you have successfully installed it, connect your phone and launch it

You’ll get this screen

Screenshot (718)


Now , click on your phone as listed in it. As mine it was the Nokia Lumia 625

Then you’ll see this screenScreenshot (719)


In this phase the WPRT will check either your phone has the same version of Software with the server or not..If not it will download the latest software and install to your phone. In my case, I already have the latest Software which is Windows Phone 8.1 Update or Lumia Denim. So, for who did not have the latest software just proceed by clicking the Install Software button, while for those who already up to date and wanted to reinstall your phone software click on the Reinstall Software.

This will bring you to the next step which is Checking for the compatibility of Downloaded Files ( The OS/ Firmware images ) for those who already downloaded it.For those who doesn’t download it yet , you may have to wait for WPRT to download your phone OS / Firmware images to be downloaded before you can proceed to next step.

For the next step,

WPRT will start installing the Phone Software, and if you noticed it has rebooted your Lumia or HTC Smartphones into UEFI mode or known as Red Screen mode for Lumia users ( Red Screen with large NOKIA logo).

The installation process will begin….

Please make sure that your phone battery level is full and you USB cable is untouchable or undisturbed in order to prevent the software from being failed to install.

If the software is failed to install, your phone will be bricked or cannot be use and it will activate or put itself into emergency mode/ emergency state which is in black screen.You may need to run emergency flashing. I will explain on this later.

After the installation finished, your phone will be rebooted and you’ll have to set it up back according to your preferences.

That’s all.Thank you for reading!

For more info , go to Microsoft Mobile Support Page.

Next in the list : Emergency Flashing on my Lumia!!


How to use Lumia Software Recovery Tools on S40

Before this Nokia have released the Nokia Software Recovery Tools( Currently Lumia Software Recovery Tools ) to help Nokia Phones users to troubleshoot their phones by  re-install their phone OS in order to make their phone problem-free / factory resetted by using the OS image provided by them..

In the easy way to understand :

Lumia Software Recovery Tool can help you to reset and recover your phone software at home, if your phone is experiencing software related or software update problems. With Windows Phone 8  models, you can also use Lumia Software Recovery Tool  to recover your phone in case your phone is not responding, it appears to be stuck, or it is not starting. -Taken from Microsoft Mobile FAQ

Prerequisites for your computer (PC):

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or newer.
  • USB cable to connect your phone to the computer.
  • Minimum 4 GB free storage space.

Supported phones:

  • Lumia phones

  • Asha and Series 40 phones that have USB interface

  • Series 30+ phones that have USB interface

  • Nokia X2 platform phones

  • Symbian phones

Taken from Microsoft Mobile FAQ

Before this I have tried on my Lumia 625 , i’ll update about it later…

But first Let;s get started with our Nokia C3 running on S40…

Before you started to Flash your phone with LSRT , you’ll need to backup your phones before proceeding with it..because in the next step, LSRT will completely removed all items or format your phone.

Ok First of all :

Backup your phone ( in this tuts i’m using Nokia C3 ) using Nokia Suite, you can get it here : 

Screenshot (103)


2nd :

Next get the Lumia Software Recovery Tools here from Microsoft Mobile Support Site :  and install it.

After the installation finished, Run LSRT and wait for it to detect your phone.After it detected your phone, it will show like this (refer image below)

Click Install to proceed.

Screenshot (102)


3rd :

Next , you will get a message that you must acknowledge it before proceed to download the software..

This message is important and you may lost any important things you left on your phone if you are not creating any backup before.

Tick on the box and Continue

Screenshot (104)


4th :

LSRT will prepare and start to download the Nokia C3 Software Package from their server.This will take 1-5 min or 5-10 min.Leave it until the downloads done

Screenshot (105)

Screenshot (106)


5th :

After the download done, LSRT will start to install the downloaded software into your phone.At this stage , do not touch or do anything with your phone. Just follow the on screen message.

Screenshot (107) Screenshot (108)


Finally :

After the installation completed , LSRT will attempt to restart your phone in around 2 minutes.If your phone isn’t restarting and in my case it showing Test Mode , you are safely to remove the battery and restart your phone and you’re no longer need to connect it back since the installation has done..

Screenshot (109)

Selamat Hari Raya !

Hari ini saya ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin..dan saya ingin mintak maaf juga kerana sudah lama tidak update blog ini..Walau bagaimanapun, perjuangan tetap akan diteruskan….

Sekali Lagi , Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri…Kosong-Kosong ye….


[tip label=”Info-info yang akan datang menyusul sebentar nanti : Xiaomi, Altel, Windows Phone, Lumia Cyan” href=””]Info-info akan datang : Xiaomi, Altel, Windows Phone, Lumia Cyan[/tip]

Salam Media- Perkhidmatan Pengiklanan berdasarkan syariah

Terdapat beberapa perkhidmatan pengiklanan di alam Maya ini Dan ia sering digunakan oleh para bloggers di Malaysia.Antara,perkhidmatan itu ialah Nuffnang,Komli dan banyak lagi..Tetapi baru-baru ini telah datangnya lagi sebuah perkhidmatan pengiklanan dari Malaysia iaitu Salam Media.

Screenshot (96)


Salam Media

image Screenshot (97)

Apakah itu Salam Media

Salam Media merupakan salah sebuah perkhidmatan pengiklanan dari Malaysia yang berasaskan Syariah Islam.. Dipetik dari SalamMedia memfokuskan kepada penulis blog dan juga pemilik media baru (media digital) dan dengan sedikit kelainan berbanding beberapa syarikat lain.

Screenshot (98) Dipetik dari laman,Salam Media Who is Salam Media? Our dream is to be the pioneer Islamic advertising platform for all social media users across the globe.

Screenshot (99) Screenshot (100)salammedia5 salammedia3 Screenshot (102) Screenshot (104)

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#Vote this app for DGCFC

Salam Sejahtera Semua dan selamat Datang ke blog ini.

Sebelum ini saya pernah post sebuah post mengenai DGCFC.Jika anda tertinggal untuk membacanya klik di sini

DGCFC merupakan sebuah platform untuk berkongsikan idea bagi merapatkan hubungan diantara rakyat Malaysia menggunakan Teknologi.Jadi saya ingi berkongsi sedikit Aplikasi yang mungkin akan mendapat peluang untuk dibangunkan dan diterbitkan.

Digi Challenge For Change 2013    Aplikasi Pertama :

     my Unique Malaysia.

idea oleh :  Muhammad Yusry Hadi

   Bagaimana Aplikasi ini dapat menyelesaikan masalah?

Many people are usually download tour app that only shows Best Food,Best Restaurant,Best Hotels and many more.But the app doesn’t put where the place we can learn how to create “batik” how to make “keropok lekor’ or in other word the place of tradition or culture/cultural activity.And in major popular app there is no culture food reviews that can help Malaysians who doesn’t know our traditional food to know them.

Idea bagi Aplikasi ini?


This app will brings a lot of Culture and traditional places not only the popular places but all traditional places that have in Malaysia.In this case everyone can know where to go to “canting Batik” or learn make”keropok lekor”.Furthermore,This app also brings the unique of Malaysian Traditional Foods.All of the Malaysian Traditional Foods will be listed here and also their reviews from other users that can help Malaysians to know how delicious it is and to learn how to make it to continue the tradition.In this app also have the recipies of traditional Foods in Malaysia.This recipies will be submitted by Malaysians community from This App website and will go publish also in this app.So,This idea can help Malaysians especially Gen-Y who wanted to learn Malaysian Tradition using latest Technologies. 

 Undilah sekarang!

Digi Challenge For Change 2013

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Aplikasi kedua


Idea of your app it will make people easy to pay for parking at many parking area just for 1 touch using smartphones.This app will powered by NFC that will communicate to the NFC reader on any parking that offers it.People also can reload the balance for e-Parking either using Credit Card,Google Wallet,Paypal or Phone Bills.User can use this app to pay for parking at any parking that offers it.So in a short, meaning that it is like “Touch N Go in a smartphone”.So you can use anywhere,anytime and no problem on loosing your TnG card anymore
The Problem This app will make your life easier and no more problems on loosing your cards like Touch N Go anymore.You can use this app to pay at any parkings that offer NFC reader including TnG Reader.

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Aplikasi ketiga

Chan Wei Chi
Category Learning & Edutainment
Name of the app Chalkboard
Idea of the app A tablet based app edu-social media which allows for teachers and students to upload contents, share home work, earn rewards, collaborate and assist each other!
The Problem Schools are getting too conventional with IT while the older generation has an IT phobia. We aim to overcome that by providing an easy to use platform but retaining wholesome benefits of holistic learning!
Tags learning sharing workbooks rewards school teachers studentstablet 

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Aplikasi Keempat

Wong Jia Kian
Category Connected Citizen
Name of the app Click
Idea of the app Add your friend or family into the app.When you are in danger or need help ,click the icon of the app,the app will emit siren through your phone and sent the help alert to the people(who got app) ,police,hospital near to you.Besides ,the app will send a message and alert notification to your friend or family who was added into your app,they can open the app to find your location.You can also use your friend or family”s phone who were added to find your lost phone.
The Problem When you are in danger,you can easily get help and the siren will call the people’s attention and you can get a help immediately no matter where you are.
Tags Gps Track Siren Help 

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Untuk lebih banyak Penyertaan idea sila ke :

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Asphalt 8 : airborne ditawarkan secara percuma

Asphalt 8

Free..Yay…for a while only…

Gameloft memberi Asphalt 8 : airborne ditawarkan secara percuma bagi hujung minggu ini sahaja.Asphalt 8 atau airborne merupakan generasi terbaru game Asphalt ini yang membawa kepada banyak perubahan termasuk pertambahan litar lumba dan banyak lagi.

Muat turun sekarang!

anda boleh memuat turun asphalt 8 : airborne di Apple Appstore sementara ia masih percuma..


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PhoneBloks memudahkan anda untuk menaiktaraf telefon pintar anda mengikut citarasa anda


Apakah ini?

Phonebloks merupakan telefon pintar yang boleh diubahsuai mengikut citarasa anda.Projek Phonebloks ini diinspirasi oleh Dave Hakkens.Dalam temu ramah antara Dave dan Media Jerman sebelum ini Dave berkata bahawa dia pernah terfikir :

The idea started with Dave Hakkens as personal frustration: “If you have a flat tire, you do not buy a new car I have so many phones ‘wasted’ in that way.”

Projek ini merupakan projek “hijau” kerana ia tidak menggunakan komponen elektrik seperti sediakala tetapi menggunakan komponen yang dimuatkan khas di dalam blok khas..

Untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai phonebloks lihat video ini…


Create your own website now using joomla and wordpress.

Create your own website now!

How to start?

you can start on by purchasing web hosting and domain first.

Ok next…

next after you have bought your own domain and web hosting you can start by installing CMS on it.

What is CMS??

CMS stand for Content Management System.

wow amazing..what it is??

as i state in this post title “how to create your own website using joomla and wordpress..”

so the example of CMS is Joomla and WordPress.

What was the differences between this both

Joomla is suitable for governments, school,and office website.

While wordpress is suitable for personal blog and blog..lets take an example of wordpress…like this website and like TNW i think…

Let’s get started

if you are new here you can search for how to install joomla and how to install wordpress using the search box.

i don’t know how to do,,can you make it for me

yup i can make it for you for free but the time it depends on what you want to put in it see more below..

i have installed it how to get started?

you can get started by customising your frontend view by downloading template and use it on your website.

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