Recovering my Lumia from bricked / emergency state

2 days ago, My Lumia 625 started to hang and keep making problems, and I finally decided to reset it through the WPRT. So I proceed to WPRT and connecting my L625 to PC and install the software as usual.But suddenly , WPRT shows an error that “The Operation could not be finished” and my L625 turns black and can’t restart and even no sign of the phone alive ( Light Exposure, red screen , etc).

So i check again with WPRT and it could not detect my L625 , so i decided to go to “My Phone Was not detected” button and choose my Device Manufacturer, Lumia

Screenshot (683)

After that , once it detected my L625, it brings me to the Software Version checking…  Refer image below

Screenshot (684)b

Ok now i know that my Device is still alive and in UEFI mode or QHUSB_DLOAD (the name of the device at the moment) . Then i proceed by clicking Install Software.

It will take a moment to download the Emergency Packages from Microsoft Servers and soon it started to flash my L625 with the emergency package to recover / return to the Red Screen mode.

Screenshot (685)

At first , i have tried to install the emergency package for about 10 times but it always ended up with error message ” The operation failed” “Could not found device”

Screenshot (686)

That night, I try again and it succeed!. My Phone has been flashed with emergency package and return into normal UEFI mode ( The Red Screen with large NOKIA ) .

Then I proceed with software Installation, and again as expected, it failed again and ask me to reboot the device.So i try it and keep rebooting my device for around 3 times. You know what? Miracle happens…. I tried again while watching the Log Files in Temp Directory, and it started to install the software smoothly without the previous error.Screenshot (687)bScreenshot (691)

Ok Let me Summarised it :

  1. Disconnect your phone from your PC
  2. Click on My Phone was not detected button
  3. Reconnect your phone to your PC
  4. If you were prompted to choose your Phone Manufacturer choose either Lumia, if you are using Lumia Devices or HTC if you are using HTC One.
  5. Wait for your computer to detect your phone and follow the screen instructions. If the phone still not connected try reboot it by pressing the combination of Power Key + Volume Down Key 
  6. Once you have been brought to Software Versions checking ( refer Screenshot 2 ) Press on Install Software and it will begin downloading emergency packages and Software Packages and install it.
  7. You’re done

So far, in my case, i have not used any manual steps like install the Software via CMD Prompt using the suitable Hex for the phone etc…  I am grateful that my Lumia 625 back alive!

For more info on WPRT refer my last post or refer Microsoft Mobile Support Page


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6 thoughts to “Recovering my Lumia from bricked / emergency state”

  1. Hey ! This happened to me as well! Was doing the 8.1 install and then boom phone got red screen, and now wont turn on, but when i plug it into my computer, my computer makes the connection sound and disconnect sound but phone does not power on or anything. But when i try to do your process here, recovery tool says downloading emergency package, and then fails everytime it tries to install…”operation ended in failure”… thats all i get.. i dont know what to do… please is there a solution? please.. i have a 640 lte..

    1. Hi, I’m very sorry for my late reply.Regarding on your question I am not sure about that.. bcause during my attempts I succeeded after more than 10 times I repeat the process.If i am not mistaken there is another way but it need you to flash your phone manually using Thor2 and Navifirm , you can refer it here or I have not tested it yet. I found this on Google.

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. well mr. MYHYAZID i also had that problem with my lumia 625 …. i repeated installattion again and again…. nd really such a beautiful magic happened nd i got my alive from the dead state….. strange thing is that i had taken it to microsoft care they said that we cannot solve ur problem nd said ur phn is nw completly a waste. nothing can be done with ur handset…. later i do the same as u explained nd got the MAGICAL result…

    1. Good to know that your phone is back alive like mine! Feel free to share this! Maybe it can help more people to “resurrect” their Lumia back!

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