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DGCFC merupakan sebuah platform untuk berkongsikan idea bagi merapatkan hubungan diantara rakyat Malaysia menggunakan Teknologi.Jadi saya ingi berkongsi sedikit Aplikasi yang mungkin akan mendapat peluang untuk dibangunkan dan diterbitkan.

Digi Challenge For Change 2013    Aplikasi Pertama :

     my Unique Malaysia.

idea oleh :  Muhammad Yusry Hadi

   Bagaimana Aplikasi ini dapat menyelesaikan masalah?

Many people are usually download tour app that only shows Best Food,Best Restaurant,Best Hotels and many more.But the app doesn’t put where the place we can learn how to create “batik” how to make “keropok lekor’ or in other word the place of tradition or culture/cultural activity.And in major popular app there is no culture food reviews that can help Malaysians who doesn’t know our traditional food to know them.

Idea bagi Aplikasi ini?


This app will brings a lot of Culture and traditional places not only the popular places but all traditional places that have in Malaysia.In this case everyone can know where to go to “canting Batik” or learn make”keropok lekor”.Furthermore,This app also brings the unique of Malaysian Traditional Foods.All of the Malaysian Traditional Foods will be listed here and also their reviews from other users that can help Malaysians to know how delicious it is and to learn how to make it to continue the tradition.In this app also have the recipies of traditional Foods in Malaysia.This recipies will be submitted by Malaysians community from This App website and will go publish also in this app.So,This idea can help Malaysians especially Gen-Y who wanted to learn Malaysian Tradition using latest Technologies. 

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Digi Challenge For Change 2013

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Aplikasi kedua


Idea of your app it will make people easy to pay for parking at many parking area just for 1 touch using smartphones.This app will powered by NFC that will communicate to the NFC reader on any parking that offers it.People also can reload the balance for e-Parking either using Credit Card,Google Wallet,Paypal or Phone Bills.User can use this app to pay for parking at any parking that offers it.So in a short, meaning that it is like “Touch N Go in a smartphone”.So you can use anywhere,anytime and no problem on loosing your TnG card anymore
The Problem This app will make your life easier and no more problems on loosing your cards like Touch N Go anymore.You can use this app to pay at any parkings that offer NFC reader including TnG Reader.

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Aplikasi ketiga

Chan Wei Chi
Category Learning & Edutainment
Name of the app Chalkboard
Idea of the app A tablet based app edu-social media which allows for teachers and students to upload contents, share home work, earn rewards, collaborate and assist each other!
The Problem Schools are getting too conventional with IT while the older generation has an IT phobia. We aim to overcome that by providing an easy to use platform but retaining wholesome benefits of holistic learning!
Tags learning sharing workbooks rewards school teachers studentstablet 

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Aplikasi Keempat

Wong Jia Kian
Category Connected Citizen
Name of the app Click
Idea of the app Add your friend or family into the app.When you are in danger or need help ,click the icon of the app,the app will emit siren through your phone and sent the help alert to the people(who got app) ,police,hospital near to you.Besides ,the app will send a message and alert notification to your friend or family who was added into your app,they can open the app to find your location.You can also use your friend or family”s phone who were added to find your lost phone.
The Problem When you are in danger,you can easily get help and the siren will call the people’s attention and you can get a help immediately no matter where you are.
Tags Gps Track Siren Help 

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