Update on My Lumia 625

It has been almost 6 months after my last post here, sorry for that. 🙂 . Previously on my last post, I mentioned that my phone was bricked and fortunately I am able to revive it from dead! . Not so long after that, my Lumia 625 has dead for real this time. I was unable to revive it as I do before by using the WPRT.

So, I return to use my old Nokia C3 temporarily until my Lumia 625 is Ok. I brought it to the Nokia Service Center here in Petaling Jaya, Selangor for inspection and they said that the motherboard damaged, screen crack,etc. The overall total cost is around MYR <400 .

Few days later, my parents brought the new Microsoft Lumia 640 as a gift for me. I am very grateful,happy and thanks to my parents for give me the opportunity to own the new Lumia 640. Thanks!



Im a Johannian,part-time blogging on Windows Phone updates.Waiting for Windows Phone 8.1..Nokia Fan..hehe

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