How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile

Since Microsoft have rolled-out the Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade yesterday, many of Lumia or Windows Phone users might be wondering, how to update to Windows 10. The step is simple and just take approximately 1-2 minutes only.

How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile?

  1. First of All, make sure your phone are listed in the The Phones and Devices that can upgrade to Windows 10 list as I mentioned in previous post or you may just install the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor by clicking the button below :
  2. Next Launch the app and click Next

    Upgrade Advisor main page
    Upgrade Advisor main page
  3. Wait for about 1-2 minutes for the app to check for updates from the server.

    Checking for Updates - Windows 10 Mobile
    Checking for Updates
  4. Once you’re phone has been verified and are available to be upgrade, the page below will appear and Click Done .
    wp_ss_20160318_0018 Windows 10 Mobile
  5. Voila! All you have to do is, use your phone normally until the update is available for you to install. You will receive a notification saying that the update is ready to be downloaded and installed.

Visit Windows  FAQ for more information

BM Version Coming Soon


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