How to create your online Radio?

Freq, Radio….. vs Online Radio

First of all maybe you wanted to create a radio for your company or for fun.But this is the modern way to have radio.It is online.If you prefer radio that using frequency like car radio,we will catch it up later.But first of all maybe you wanted to created a radio.Isn’t right?Yes of course.Here i Have an example of it. The first school Radio in Malaysia Sintok FM . They created their own radio online.SO if you want like this follow this steps.


Setup the prerequisites. The things that we gonna have is the things i listed below.

[ul type=”check”]A server or VPS – Checked [/ul]

[ul type=”check”]PC’s that will be used  for radio control panel – checked[/ul]

[ul type=”check”]AN Equaliser ( if needed,but it is needed in this step)- checked[/ul]

[ul type=”check”]and that it is![/ul]

Ok we will start with a server or VPS.

Server or VPS

Once you wanted to create your own radio you will need this two either Server( dedicated or your own Server) or VPS.In this step i will suggest you to choose Staminus Corp. It’s provide you with cheap dedicated hosting and VPS.For VPS it is only for $19/month.Why i choose Staminus,because when I was doing a research on the SIntok FM using whois on their radio IP that is it show that Sintok FM hosted at Staminus here is the whois result :



If for fun you also can use the free VPS from

ok we will proceed to the next steps

PC for control panel

you only needed 1 pc or if you have more dj in 1 conty you will need to have at least 3 pc maximum.

AN Equaliser

you will need an equaliser for your radio to launch your own radio.You also will need headphones with microphones and a microphone for extra.

Ok next

The Software

You will need to download this software according to your server os

All the software you needed has listed on this website .

[button url=”” target=”e.g. _blank or _self” style=”blue” size=”medium”] Click here to download all the required software[/button]

You just need to download and install it on the server and you’re done.

And you’ll have to setup the software according to your preffered settings.

[alert style=”red”]We will not be responsible if something happen to you.[/alert]



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