Skype update brings HD video calls to 4th gen of iPad

One of the major upgrade in was the HD front camera.Before this you don’t realised that you are using skype in Standard definition but now thank you to Skype 4.1 Update that brings improvement that enabled the HD video calling for apple latest gen of iPad.

Update: A few hours later, Skype has an additional treat — it just released an iPhone app update that brings HD video calls to iPhone 5 owners.

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ZTE will starts offering ZTE Open

ZTE will starts offering ZTE Open on eBay US starting rom US$79.99 and also it will offers worldwide but for now the ZTE open is only available in US and UK eBay.The price in US as above but the UK price is £59.99 .

ZTE Open is the one phone that uses the Firefox OS on it.The Firefox OS is an open source OS and based on HTML5.

The ZTE Open review by

Blackberry exploring for strategic Alternatives

BlackBerry announce that it will find strategic alternatives to keep on the development of Blackberry 10,and one of it is strategic partnership or selling company to 3rd party company.

For this case Blackberry has create a special community that will explore and do research about it.

As all knows that Blackberry have introduce the Blackberry10 platform on the early of this year and launched the three smartphone that uses the Blackberry10,it is the Z10,Q10 and Q5.But it is hard for Blackberry to compete with other smartphone.One of the factor is the price,either it have less apps than other smartphone.



Therefore,Blackberry will launch  the Blackberry Messenger for android and iOS on this fall.

The new generation of iPad will become more light and thin?

[dropcap type=”e.g. circle or none” color=”#ffffff” background=”#e53b2c”] O [/dropcap]n this year Apple not yet announce their new generation of iPad and of course this leads to all sorts of speculation.According to the latest report by WSJ,the new iPad will be more light and will be more hinner than before.

[dropcap type=”e.g. circle or none” color=”#ffffff” background=”#e53b2c”] A [/dropcap]ccording to what reported,the new generation of iPad will use the film technology,the thing that was used in iPad Mini before this.

InstaWeather application available for Windows Phone users

Instaweather have offered their app on android iOS before this but now InstaWeather application are available for Windows Phone users in the Windows store.

Instaweather application gives you settings to add weather info on your picture based on a location where you were at in creative type before you share it with your friend.


For all Windows Phone users who are interesting in Instaweather,you can buy it for $0.99/RM2.99


HP Malaysia started to offer HP Slatebook 10 starting on RM 1499

Before this HP tablet Slate7 have been in saled,now the new,latest HP Slatebook10 has started to be sell in Malaysia Market with the price starting from RM1499.The HP Slatebook comes with different specs from other tablet or PC you can refer the link below.


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HP Slatebook10 comes with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean  and use the Nvidia Tegra 4 processor with 10.1 inch screen.The HP Slatebook10 come with laptop shape and it can be convert into tablet shape.For those who are interesting in it you can make order form HP official store now.

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Can Robert Downey Jr. help HTC in sales and branding?

A few months ago we have ready to hear what HTC want to told us why he choose Iron Man(Robert Downey Jr.) for their brand sales and branding.After the short teaser that HTC have released now they release another special teaser that present the Iron Man in it.



It also told that the actor(Robert Downey Jr.) will bring the HTC brand in ads or promo for 2 years.Either than acting in advertisement ,Robert Downey Jr. also will give creative input for HTC to be top.


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Apple expected to announce new iPhone on 10 September

The time goes fast isn’t?Yes it is.With the September is coming this year, We expected that Apple will come with many new and latest smartphone and one of it was the new generation of iPhone.With the rumour that we know about it,they said that Apple will make a special announcement on their new generation of iPhone on 10th September(11 PM Malaysia time).

As Usual , all of the latest smartphone that Apple created will used the latest iOS,then for this new generation of iPhone,they will used the new iOS7 .On the new iOS 7 they have inserted/created new UI(User Interface) with the Parallel view and many more new update.The latest rumour that we know is the new generation of iPhone will have the Fingerprint scanner/Fingerprint sensor and new update on the processor and camera.

Pirate Bay celebrates it 10th Birthday!!

Many users have been used the Pirate Bay for downloading movies and anything,is it right?Yes it is.Today thePirateBay celebrated their 10th Birthday/anniversary since their started the website.Along with it,TPB also bring the latest web browser that based on Firefox that comes with Tor client (Vidalia)FireFox Portable browser (with foxyproxy addon).The browser was named Pirate Browser and it are open for all to download it now.


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