Apple expected to announce new iPhone on 10 September

The time goes fast isn’t?Yes it is.With the September is coming this year, We expected that Apple will come with many new and latest smartphone and one of it was the new generation of iPhone.With the rumour that we know about it,they said that Apple will make a special announcement on their new generation of iPhone on 10th September(11 PM Malaysia time).

As Usual , all of the latest smartphone that Apple created will used the latest iOS,then for this new generation of iPhone,they will used the new iOS7 .On the new iOS 7 they have inserted/created new UI(User Interface) with the Parallel view and many more new update.The latest rumour that we know is the new generation of iPhone will have the Fingerprint scanner/Fingerprint sensor and new update on the processor and camera.


Im a Johannian,part-time blogging on Windows Phone updates.Waiting for Windows Phone 8.1..Nokia Fan..hehe

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