DGCFC sudah kembali!

Apakah DGCFC?

haha..tak apa biar saya ceritakan.DGCFC itu ialah salah satu pertandingan bagi menyumbangkan idea untuk menghubungkan rakyat Malaysia menggunakan teknologi pada zaman kini.

Maksud DGCFC?

Maksud dia ialah DiGi Challenge For Change.

Digi 2013

Sedikit penerangan mengenai DGCFC bagi yang tidak tahu.

About DiGiCFC

“I wish there was an app that could…”

If this has crossed your mind before, then #DiGiCFC wants to hear from you! The KEY to an awesome app is IDENTIFYING A PROBLEM that you would want to overcome, and CREATING THE SOLUTION via the functionality of a mobile application!

Remember how apps like Instagram brought the world together with photos? Think you have what it takes to create history? This isYOUR CHANCE!

Submit your ideas today and stand a chance to win RM5,000!

Oh, and what are we about?
We’re bringing Malaysians together, one app at a time



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