How to Install Joomla?

Having to create website for your company,or school.If you wanted to do that you considered to use Joomla for that.What is Joomla?Joomla is an open source Content management System (CMS).Who is Joomla for?Joomla is for everyone but for making blogs we suggest you to use WordPress.How to install Joomla?Yeah you can follow the tutorial below.

1st download Joomla

2nd Transfer file using FTP to your webserver

3rd open your website by typing in

Note : you will be redirected to installation page

4th Insert all of your website details and admin details then press next

5th insert database details. then press next

You’ll need to get the database from your web hosting panel.

6th confirm either you want to use sample data or not

7th  press install

8th wait untill the progress complete

Note : you maybe will experiencing some database problem please follow the steps in the video below.

9th Now you’re done.Just remove the installation folder from your webserver

10th your website are ready and online now


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