Apple redesign into iOS 7 style.

Before this apple has introduced the new iOS 7 and Mac OSX Maverick with the new design and latest updates,with the new icons and the latest improvement in it.The iOS 7 also brings the new parallel view that enable us to see the icons in the iphone moving.And iOS7 also brings the new multitasking and control center.

Screenshot (172)

The latest news about apple and iOS 7 was the beta.The icloud beta was redesign with the iOS 7 design/style and it also contain the same features like old icloud but with the new improvement and icons.The pages,numbers and keynote still in beta,while the other are normal.You can start logging in by going to beta  . Here we inserted a few pictures on the new iCloud beta.

Screenshot (176) Screenshot (174) Screenshot (175)

Maybe the iCloud beta will be launch and will be replace old iCloud after the iOS 7 launch.


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